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Providing leveled fitness classes in Pilates, Yoga, Strength, Kinstretch; and Animal Flow, for the fitness ready body.

Introducing “Feelness”, a gentle path back to a comfortable body, for the infrequent exerciser wanting to feel better in their body.

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Our Motto "No Body Left Behind"

No matter your age, shape, weight, "Fitness Level" or "Feelness Level", we have programs to help you live your best life in the body you've been given.

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The combination of multi-camera production and concise instructors ensures that you see and hear every detail you need to accurately, safely and effectively execute the moves!

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Introducing “Feelness”, a gentle path back to a comfortable body, for the infrequent exerciser wanting to feel better in their body.

Providing leveled fitness classes in Pilates, Yoga, Strength, Kinstretch; and Animal Flow, for the fitness ready body.

What Members say About our online fitness programs

Maureen C.

Your classes have really helped me get through the pandemic and ensured that despite hours spent in front of the computer I have better core strength and flexibility than I did a year ago.

For someone like me whose schedule has been upended by the pandemic, the on demand classes are perfect. I highly recommend them!

Safe Moves is getting me through a back injury. I’m loving this online opportunity! Making me feel rowing is going to be possible.

I’ve lost weight, I move more easily, my aches and pains are much reduced, and I sleep more soundly.

I love Barre class. Sarah’s an excellent and inspiring teacher. Even for those of us with REALLY TIGHT hamstrings!

I've been doing classes 4 or 5 times per week and I notice the difference in my body. I'm getting stronger all the time. Plus I have more flexibility than my 20-year-old grand daughter!

I love all of the classes, but especially the ones that focus on spine mobility and arm strength.

Pilates has changed my life, and changed my body! It helped me build strength after an injury and it continues to target age-related issues of balance and flexibility. The focus on breathing also contributes to relaxation and renewed energy.

I never believed I wouldn’t think twice about going down on both knees after bilateral total knee replacements. It’s been tough, but with Katrina’s kind and supportive words, I’m getting down on my floor these days during Zoom Safe Moves classes 🙏🏻💪🏼♥️

Their directions are very clear, They explain THE WHY behind the movements and don’t take themselves too seriously. Finally. Fitness classes that feel like they were made for me.

All Access Fitness Programs

Single Course Fitness Programs


Imagine if your body was like a symphony, with every muscle and joint playing its part in harmony. Pilates is the maestro that conducts this symphony, ensuring every note is pitch-perfect. Dreamed up by a guy named Joseph Pilates, this fitness dance has made people feel spectacular for over a century.

In our Pilates classes, you'll move in ways that remind you of a ballet dancer's grace one moment and a playful kid rolling around the next. It's all about control, balance, and finding that sweet spot where strength meets flexibility.

By the end, you're not just more toned and limber; you walk out feeling taller, like you're floating on air. (Though, don't expect an actual growth spurt, okay? So, if you're up for being the star of your own body symphony, Pilates might just be your next favorite tune!


Imagine if your body was a canvas, and every breath and movement painted a beautiful masterpiece. Yoga is the brush that guides you, bringing vibrant colors and strokes of serenity to your life. Originated thousands of years ago, this ancient practice has been making souls and bodies radiate with peace and vitality.

In a yoga class, you might find yourself striking a pose reminiscent of a majestic mountain one moment, and a serene tree swaying in the breeze the next. With each asana (that's a fancy word for 'pose'), you delve deeper into a dance of strength, balance, and inner calm.

And as the session winds down, you don't just feel more flexible and grounded; you also depart with a tranquil heart, as if you've been wrapped in a cozy blanket of stillness. (And who doesn't love a good metaphorical blanket, right? So, if you yearn to paint your own masterpiece of harmony and wellness, yoga might just be the palette you've been searching for! 


Imagine your body as a sturdy bridge. Strength training is like the maintenance crew, ensuring each plank and cable remains robust and resilient. It's not just about bulging muscles or lifting the heaviest weight; it's about preserving and enhancing what you've got, whether you're picking up groceries or playing with your kids.

During a strength training class, you'll find yourself lifting, pushing, and pulling. Simple motions, but oh-so-effective. With each repetition, you're reminding your body of its natural capabilities and reinforcing its foundation.

By the end? You don’t just feel physically stronger; you feel ready. Ready to carry those bags, climb those stairs, and maybe even help a friend move that surprisingly heavy sofa. (We've all been there, right?) So, if you're keen on keeping your body's bridge in tip-top shape, strength training is the reliable toolset you've been seeking!

Kinstretch® & Animal Flow


Imagine your body as a well-oiled machine. Kinstretch is like the mechanic's fine-tuning, making sure every joint and gear moves smoothly and freely. Dive into a session, and you're gracefully exploring your body's full range of motion, ensuring each twist and stretch keeps you agile and resilient. It's your personal maintenance routine, ensuring you're always ready to move with ease and confidence.

Animal Flow:

Picture yourself as a creature of the wild, tapping into primal movements and instincts. Animal Flow invites you to embrace this inner beast, combining fluid motions that mirror nature's most graceful animals. From the strength of a bear to the agility of an ape, each sequence reconnects you to your body's innate power and fluidity. Dive in, and you're not just exercising; you're embarking on a movement journey, rediscovering the animal in you.