what The Feelness Course gives you

Feelness gives you 2 super powers:

  1. To Restore lost ease
  2. To Maintain the restored ease

The Feelness Approach is Simple

Using prescriptions of movement combinations organized into 9 sets of 7 movements, you:

  1. Restore ease by task.  
  2.  Maintain that ease by body area. 

The Resources you get are:

  1. 63 short and easy-to-follow videos
  2. Written guidance for each movement.
  3. Downloadable Tracking And Mindset Tools

You learn all you need to feel great without the sweat and strain of strenuous exercise. 

"Feelness" is a path back to physical ease
guided by your own body. 

Physical discomforts during simple tasks means, "Restoration Needed".

For that you use:

Pain or discomfort during any of these 9 indicator tasks limits your life. 

If you have any discomfort when:

  1. 1
    Getting out of bed.
  2. 2
  3. 3
    Reaching high for things
  4. 4
  5. 5
    Getting out of a chair
  6. 6
    Bending over to pick things up 
  7. 7
    Getting down to the floor 
  8. 8
    Getting up from the floor 
  9. 9
    Looking over your shoulder
This course Is for you.
  • By doing the prescribed simple and gentle movements in a daily Feelness habit, your discomforts melt away, replaced by a familiar ease.
  • We call that Feelness Level 0.

When your physical ease is restored, "Routine Maintenance" is needed. You use:

This is the module that you use to maintain your ease once you have:

  1. 1
    Achieved ease in transitioning down to the floor 
  2. 2
    Achieved ease in getting up from the floor 
  3. 3
    Experience comfort and pain-free sitting
  4. 4
    Experience comfort and pain-free walking
  5. 5
    Find comfort when reaching high for things
  6. 6
     Find comfort when bending over to pick things up
  7. 7
    Regained comfort when looking over your shoulder
  8. 8
     Regained comfort when getting out of a chair
  9. 9
     Restored comfort when getting out of bed.
You have the resources at your fingertips to restore and maintain the health and well-being of your entire body for life. 

The goal? 

Preventing  the onset or recurrence of the common discomforts you eliminated using Feelness Body Shop Restore and Maintain.

Feelness is the ideal Pre-Fitness solution!

And even considered a Never Fitness Solution!

Introducing Feelness. 4 levels that come BEFORE typical fitness levels.

There Are 4 Levels of Feelness

 The Goal goal is Feelness Level 0

  • no minor pain or discomfort
  • some Minor pain or discomfort
  • a little more Minor pain or discomfort
  • constant serious pain or discomfort

Picking the best place for your body to step onto the path to fitness is the key to a journey that gets you to your goals comfortably without pain, injury or strenuous exercise.

The Fitness Industry’s Big Lies

  • Get in Shape by Doing Strenuous Exercise
  • No Pain No Gain
  • You Must Feel the Burn

Lies come to represent the truth by being spoken in media loudly and often!

The 3 Typical Fitness Levels Aren't Inclusive

  • beginner
  • intermediate
  • advanced
Meaning, they are a risky choice for bodies not yet conditioned enough to exercise without injury.  
It doesn't take long to find Oneself in that situation.

The truth is that between:

Work Responsibilities

Family Responsibilities

& Busy Lifestyles

It's easy to drop the ball on fitness and self-care.

Eventually you'll find yourself living in a body not ready for even the beginner level "Fitness" exercises.

When that happens, "Feelness" can be your way back!

What Members say About our free online fitness programs


Your classes have really helped me get through the pandemic and ensured that despite hours spent in front of the computer I have better core strength and flexibility than I did a year ago.


For someone like me whose schedule has been upended by the pandemic, the on demand classes are perfect. I highly recommend them!


Safe Moves is getting me through a back injury. I’m loving this online opportunity! Making me feel rowing is going to be possible.


I’ve lost weight, I move more easily, my aches and pains are much reduced, and I sleep more soundly.


I love Barre class. Sarah’s an excellent and inspiring teacher. Even for those of us with REALLY TIGHT hamstrings!


I've been doing classes 4 or 5 times per week and I notice the difference in my body. I'm getting stronger all the time. Plus I have more flexibility than my 20-year-old grand daughter!


I love all of the classes, but especially the ones that focus on spine mobility and arm strength.


Pilates has changed my life, and changed my body! It helped me build strength after an injury and it continues to target age-related issues of balance and flexibility. The focus on breathing also contributes to relaxation and renewed energy.


I never believed I wouldn’t think twice about going down on both knees after bilateral total knee replacements. It’s been tough, but with Katrina’s kind and supportive words, I’m getting down on my floor these days during Zoom Safe Moves classes 🙏🏻💪🏼♥️

Maureen C.

Their directions are very clear, They explain THE WHY behind the movements and don’t take themselves too seriously. Finally. Fitness classes that feel like they were made for me.


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