September 24

Never Suffer From The Workout Blues Again

Throughout her whole life, Jessica, a former teacher, always enjoyed being active and was accustomed to spending long hours on her feet. 

But, she never quite found the right activity that she felt pushed her, could be incorporated into her busy schedule, and would get her into shape.

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"I feel old and creaky and horribly out of shape”. 

It wasn't until Covid that she finally had time to dedicate herself to find a solution . 

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After countless gym memberships and trial workout classes, she had a bad case of 


 and felt like she would never find something that she truly enjoyed.

“Trying to find an activity that I liked and that fit into my schedule felt nearly impossible”, says Jessica, “...and I became so frustrated that I just wanted to throw the towel in and give up.”

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She could recall many times where she would walk into a group workout class and felt like a deer in headlights trying to catch up to the rest of the class.

“It was the worst feeling ever.”

On top of all the frustration she felt, she began to notice that she no longer had the flexibility to sit cross legged on the floor, which was the last straw

She knew that she had to do something in order to improve her health and fitness, and when Covid hit, a whole new world of online classes was now available to her.

When Jessica discovered the Pilates Studio and the abundance of online classes they offered, she figured, why not try it? 

What did she have to lose?

Now, after months of participating in the online classes, she has completely delved into the world of pilates and has never felt better. Just by taking 4-6 classes a week, she feels stronger and is motivated to take class.

She enjoys the flexibility that online classes offer her, and likes that “there’s a measure of accountability associated with the synchronous classes”.

What she appreciates the most is that even if she has a scheduling conflict, there is a whole virtual library of recorded classes that she can access at her own leisure. 

Fitstreams Club

A huge breakthrough that Jessica had recently has even helped her alleviate a lifelong limitation that impacted her shoulder; Jessica always struggled with limited shoulder mobility. To her surprise, months into taking classes, her daughter noticed how much more range of motion she had. 

"It's more range of motion than I've seen in a decade!”


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Mark Firehammer

Cofounder, Cocreator Feelness Body Shop Restoration & Maintenance Program, fitness biz consultant at Fitness Business Pros, lover of cats, and he can sing! Just ask Alexa to play songs by him.

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