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As of December 2023

Not just fitness - Now we offer Feelness

More than 3 years in development. Feelness Is a path toward fitness. Conceived and built specifically for people who:

  • Have bodies that are not ready to safely take on the load of even beginner fitness level classes.  
  • Don't like exercise, perhaps never have, but discover they are beginning to lose ease in performing basic daily tasks!
  • Feelness, a system designed to help people bring back the joyous and familiar feelings of having a youthful body, but slipped away due to sedentary lifestyles. 
  • The Feelness approach helps you focus on and be guided by how our bodies feels from the inside, rather than on how you look from the outside. 
  • It’s an alternative to suffering the agonizing pain, frequent injuries and devastating emotional disappointment that comes from a “too much too soon” approach in pursuit of a certain look.
  • The idea is simple, feel-good first. The rest will follow!

Where we come from

"Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn."

Harriet Beecher Stowe

More Than 2 Decades of Service was born out of a brick-and-mortar Pilates Studio in Hadley, Massachusetts. 

It was a thriving business, employing more than 10 instructors helping hundreds of clients gain and maintain the stability, mobility and flexibility that they were looking for.

COVID-19 pandemic

On March 15, 2020 the state of Massachusetts mandated that we close our doors in an effort to fight back the virus, minimizing spread as a community to ensure the health of the Commonwealth. 

That came at the cost of having to lay off all of our workers. It was a sad day and we were faced with a tough decision. We either close or pivot.

a door closed but a window opened

We chose to pivot and we didn’t hesitate for a minute. 

We weren’t willing to let all the progress our clients had been making come to a halt or quit a business that we had poured our hearts, souls and bodies into.

Mark put together a makeshift stream setup and we went right to work developing classes that would offer what we thought would be a temporary solution for our clients quarantined at home.

What happened next was amazing

Online classes gave them routine and kept them moving and improving. And despite the remote environment these online classes preserved the connection and support our clients relied on from us and each other.

Within 3 months we were producing 5 classes per day and began to understand that we would likely never stop streaming even after the pandemic, because our clients were stronger than ever and even exceeding the progress they had been making in person, simply because they were working out more often.

Possibility of reopening - the light of hope

There were signs that we were going to be able to reopen the studio in a couple of months, but at a much reduced capacity which meant a total redesign of our entire upstairs space.  That meant we had to move our makeshift stream suite  to a different location. 

We had space on the bottom floor, that was unused and available so we went to work making the best use of the available space. 

Our mat room

became the stream suite

Why us?

As every fitness instructor took their teaching online, we were astounded by the rapid growth of our online membership. We asked “why us?” and our members answered. We’re relatable. No celebrities, no hype, just high quality and well produced fitness resources for real people that help them focus more on  how it feels to be in your body, rather than simply what it looks like!As we grow we will expand to bring on more teachers like us who want to help you get from point A to point B in the most rewarding (and fun!) way possible.

As of December 2023

Feelness,  was born. More than three years in the making. Feelness Is a path toward fitness. Specifically for people whose bodies are not ready to safely take on the load of even beginner fitness level classes.  It's exciting, and it was born right here at

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Katrina Hawley

Movement Scientist - instructor - program designer

Laurie Johnson

Instructor - program designer - Visual Artist

Mark Firehammer

chief of technology - executive producer

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