December 27

How I Swapped Painkillers for Pilates

Janice, a 69-year-old retail supervisor, was fit, active and passionate about her job. When a back injury prevented her from working and made the simplest tasks difficult and painful, she was left feeling miserable and frustrated.

I could barely move

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“I hurt my back at work right around the beginning of the pandemic. I could barely move. The pain was so bad.”, says Janice, “My doctor was great but all she could do for me was prescribe a boatload of pain medication.

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 These eased the pain but hurt my stomach. She also told me that I might need to be on medication for 8 weeks."

"I needed to find a different way.”

Janice was a great problem solver in her professional life and so she turned those skills around on herself by calling Katrina, her Pilates instructor.

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“I knew Katrina would know what to do."

 I explained to her where the pain was and gave her some medical terms my doctor had used and which I didn’t completely understand. Katrina knew exactly what the problem was and taught me how to perform this amazing stretch. Within 2 days I was off the pain meds and the pain stopped completely after about 5 days. I was thrilled and so was my doctor. She’s all for finding alternative remedies when possible.”

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Janice continued following Katrina’s advice for the next few weeks until she was able to get back to her normal fitness routine. She was able to get back to work too which was a huge relief.

My Back Has Been Fine

“Since asking for Katrina’s help, my back has been fine. I’m trying to get to her 10am mat classes whenever I can, but when work gets in the way, I know I can turn to her library of classes to keep me on track.”

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Laurie Johnson

Laurie’s clear and candid cueing makes classes easy to follow without looking at the screen. Her wit and good nature create an enjoyable class that challenges your limits and celebrates your successes.  

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