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A Savvy Alternative to Exercise: Discover Feelness

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In our relentless quest for health and wellness, the phrase "alternative to exercise" often surfaces as a beacon of hope for those of us who dread the traditional gym experience. Feelness, a revolutionary approach to bodily health, stands out as one of the most compelling alternatives to exercise. Unlike many traditional fitness regimens that sell average people on the idea of transforming their bodies into those of action movie stars and supermodels, Feelness advocates for a more intrinsic goal: to feel good in one's body throughout their entire life.

Alternatives to Exercise: What Feelness Is Not

Feelness Alternative to Exercise

Feelness isn't rooted in the discovery of something new; it's about revisiting the basics from a fresh perspective. This approach acknowledges the wealth of knowledge already available about the human body and repackages it in a way that resonates with those of us who cringe at the thought of intense, prolonged, and strenuous workout routines. The ethos of Feelness is simple: to cater to the billions of people seeking an alternative to exercise that helps them maintain their bodily health without engaging in activities they find unappealing or daunting.

Why Feelness is the Ultimate Alternative to Exercise

The primary driver behind the creation of Feelness is the recognition that a significant portion of the global population is disinterested in fitness goals that do not align with their personal values or lifestyle.

These goals include;

  • Dramatic body transformations
  • enhanced performance in sports
  • the quest for social validation through physical appearance.

Instead, Feelness, as an alternative to exercise, shifts the focus towards enabling individuals to perform everyday tasks with ease and comfort, mirroring the ease and freedom experienced in youth.

Framework of Feelness: A Practical Alternative to Exercise

Feelness is built on the foundation of 9 simple, daily tasks that are part of everyday life from childhood through to old age. These tasks are:

  1. getting out of bed
  2. walking
  3. reaching
  4. bending
  5. sitting
  6. standing
  7. getting down to the floor
  8. getting up from the floor
  9. and looking over the shoulder.

The system emphasizes the restoration and maintenance of ease and comfort in these tasks to ensure a healthy, and enjoyable life. This approach not only positions Feelness as an alternative to exercise but also as a lifestyle choice that champions simplicity and well-being.

The Practice of Feelness As an Alternative to Exercise

At its core, Feelness emphasizes the health and harmony of seven key body areas:

  1. feet and ankles
  2. lower legs
  3. upper legs
  4. hips
  5. spine
  6. neck and shoulders
  7. elbows, wrists, & hands. 

By focusing on the health, stability and mobility of these areas, Feelness offers a structured approach to maintaining the ease of performing the nine essential tasks. This is achieved through movements curated from gentle fitness modalities like Pilates and yoga, organized into sets that give the body precisely what it needs to restore and maintain and restoration ease during each of the tasks.

The Inspiration Behind Feelness: Katrina Hawley and Mark Firehammer

At the heart of Feelness are its creators, Katrina Hawley and Mark Firehammer, whose unique blend of expertise and vision brought this innovative system to life. Katrina, with her profound ability to facilitate the correction of physical movement challenges and her dedication to cross-disciplinary learning, has been a transformative force in the lives of many, including Mark's. Her teaching philosophy draws on the pioneering work of figures like Irmgard Bartenieff and Rudolph Laban, focusing on movement integration and bodily well-being.

Alternative to Exercise Fitstreams Club
Alternative to Exercise Fitstreams Club

Mark Firehammer, whose name mirrors his dynamic and multifaceted personality, brought technological savvy, artistic vision, and a DIY ethic to the partnership. His experience during a challenging period of physical recovery, facilitated by Katrina, laid the groundwork for Feelness. Together, they envisioned and then crafted a system that would not only embody Katrina's holistic approach to bodily health but also leverage technology to reach those seeking an alternative to conventional fitness paradigms.

Their collaboration represents a convergence of complementary skills and shared values, aiming to empower individuals to feel better, move better, and live better lives. The synergy in their story highlights the transformative potential of Feelness, not just as an alternative to exercise, but as a movement towards a more holistic well-being for the non-fitness masses.

The Participant's Journey

Embarking on the Feelness journey begins with a simple self assessment of the 9 tasks, determining which feel good and which need improvement. Participants then follow prescribed sets of movements, dedicating 10 to 35 minutes daily to their practice. Progress is tracked on a 10-point scale, with various tracking tools available to suit individual preferences, from printable sheets to an easy to use spreadsheet. This personalized alternative to exercise ensures that each participant's journey is unique, measurable, and aligned with their goal of achieving a state of complete ease where all tasks "feel good."

Embracing Feelness

Feelness as an alternative to exercise is more than a fitness regimen; it's a lifestyle choice that champions the idea of feeling good in one's skin, devoid of external pressures and unrealistic standards. It’s a testament to the idea that well-being doesn’t necessarily come from the rigorous transformation of our bodies but from fostering an internal sense of harmony and capability. Whether through a case study or personal testimonies, the impact of Feelness is evident in the lives of those who choose to embark on this gentle yet profoundly restorative journey.


In a nutshell, Feelness represents a paradigm shift in how we view physical  well-being. It strips back the complexities and pressures associated with traditional fitness regimes and re-centers the conversation around what truly matters: feeling good in our bodies, capable of enjoying the simple pleasures of life without pain or discomfort. As we move forward may we all find our path to Feelness, embracing the joy of living comfortably within our skin, inspired by the vision and dedication of Katrina Hawley and Mark Firehammer.

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