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Introduction To Yoga with Paul

$6.00 / month

More than enough people have recommended that you do yoga. Even your primary care doc sent you home with a pamphlet on the health benefits of doing yoga. It seems like everyone already does it.

Have you missed the boat? How do you even begin?


When you type “yoga” in the search bar you’re inundated with blog posts, and videos of fit people who look not only comfortable but serene in poses that remind you of playing Twister in your younger years. Scrolling down gives you a little more reassurance. Plenty of yoga studios offer beginner classes. That means you can’t be the only one with no experience, right?

  • But when it comes to signing up for that beginner class you still feel hesitant.
  • Will you wear the right thing?
  • What if the other beginners have been attending class for weeks?
  • Are you allowed to leave if you have to go to the bathroom?
  • And what if there’s chanting?

Not to worry.

Fitstreams now offers Introduction To Yoga. A beginners class you can take at home. You get to:

  • Move at your own pace
  • Pause if you need to pee
  • Preview how to get into a pose before you have to attempt it
  • Wear your favorite sweat pants even though the butt part is worn thin
  • Stop and scrub back when you didn’t catch what sounded like an important direction
  • Or heck, you can abandon the whole idea halfway through class and no one has to know. (We don’t think it’ll come to that though).

Practicing at home allows for you and yoga to get acquainted. You’ll have the time and space to explore if it’s a good fit under no pressure.

This 8 class course teaches what you need to know, and allows you to practice before walking into your first in-person class.

With Paul’s [gentle and clear] guidance, create a strong foundation by working from the ground up, creating a solid understanding of the basic building blocks of yoga. We will use repetition and add a little challenge in every class. Each pose builds upon the previous pose, and you will feel strong, open, more flexible, energized and prepared for the next class.

*We don’t know if your in person class will have chanting or not, but you’ll feel confident enough in your yoga practice that trying chanting will be a breeze.



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