Oov Workout With Katrina

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class description

Oov stands for "Out of Vocabulary"

The sensations you feel after being on the OOV are often indescribable. This makes writing a description about Oov class challenging but let’s have a go at it.

The Oov is made of dense yet yielding foam that both supports you and conforms to match the natural curves of your spine.

But it looks unusual. Many people appreciate the OOV’s zoomorphic likeness to that of a duck or bird.

In Oov class we start lying on the OOV. We work with concepts like “Loaded Eccentric Control”, Sloth- like Slow Movement and Balance Training. The result is a body that is vibrating and pulsating with work and at the same time more relaxed than having a massage.

The OOV brings you out of the fight or flight nervous system into the easy parasympathetic, so at the end you are energized but mellow. Your breath capacity is improved and your body moves more efficiently.

In the OOV class you will need some weights (or soup cans) and a soft ball and a theraband. We use all of these tools to give information into the body so that the body can make the best movement choices. If you're going to try one then try two just to get the sense of all that can be done with the bird shaped OOV!

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