Head, Neck and Shoulders

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Class Description

First it was good ole’ fashion mental stress.

Followed by upper crossed syndrome. Then we added text neck, and laptop-itis to the problem. And just recently we have the “Zoom Hunch” making neck and shoulder tension worse and than ever before.

Prior to 2020 people spent, on average, 6 hours 31 minutes a day in front of their computer. And this does not include phone time.

When we sit for that length of time, especially with poor ergonomics we experience:

  • Eye strain
  • A Forward Head position
  • Neck Pain
  • Mental Stress
  • Clenched Jaw
  • and more.

In Head, Neck and Shoulders we work to maintain the 34 or so muscles in our neck and shoulders and the 20+ joints in the neck.

Stretching brings relief to these undeniably overstressed muscles. Gentle range of motion exercises give the joints some well deserved TLC.

And there’s more. When you add this Safe Moves sequence into your routine you significantly increase awareness. First, your head, neck and shoulders will feel cared for and will come to expect that care for all they do. These parts will begin to position themselves in healthier ways while you’re interacting with your computer.

Your instructor keeps the sequence of stretches and movements consistent so you learn them and can perform them anytime. Yet, she also adds a bit of variety to each class keeping it fresh, and interesting.

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