November 9

Laura Savard Kinstretch Instructor


We welcome Laura Savard to the family of contributors

About Laura Savard.

Laura holds education from Polestar® Pilates, the New England Center for Circus Arts aerial silk program, Functional Range Conditioning® and Kinstretch®. She specializes in working with athletes to boost performance and those interested in improving overall body function for everyday life.

Laura Sevard Kinstretch Instructor comes to us from the Dynamic Body Vermont Studio in Brattleboro Vermont, United States. 

Fun Facts about Laura:

  • One of her hobbies is DIY craft projects, mostly handmade body care items like lip balm/oils/scrubs.
  • She is a lover of felines and used to foster litters of kittens all the time.
  • She met the Dali Lama while studying abroad in India.


  • Fav Movie - I enjoy documentaries. The last one I watched was called The Deepest Cave. Mind blown!
  • Fav Type of Music - 90's throwback and anything with a cool beat.
  • Fav Book - Trashy novels.
  • Fav Food -  I'm happy to eat basically anything! 
Laura Savard Kinstretch Instructor Fitstreams Club
Laura Savard Kinstretch Instructor Fitstreams Club

Best Fitness Story

We all have those group classes where we leave the room wondering what the hell just happened, right?!? One class in particular stands out in my mind. I had a full class of my regulars but for some reason everyone was off that evening. Some people were late, others couldn't follow along, one person started crying in the middle of it (later found out she had a personal issue going on) and overall the energy was off. I walked out of the room hoping to just forget the whole hour. HA!

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Laura Savard Courses

Premium Course



Training 3 of your most important parts: spine, hips and shoulders to work effectively together and with the rest of your body.

3 Lessons - Intermediate

Premium Course



Kinstretch® is a system that improves the range of motion in joints and teaches your body how to control that motion for bigger, better and safer movement and performance.

3 Lessons - Intermediate

Laura Savard Kinstretch Instructor Fitstreams Club

Movement is the only way human beings affect the world around us. With words being produced by our vocal structure, with our fingers typing at a keyboard or painting, with our hands building structures, with our bodies navigating our daily lives.

Laura Savard

Where You Can Find Laura Savard Kinstretch® Instructor


128 Lakeside Avenue, Suite 104

Innovation Center of Vermont
Burlingtonn, VT 05401
United States


(802) 448-2892

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