Mat With Hand Weights

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Never underestimate the power of 2lb hand weights.

They start off light, but somehow as the minutes tick by these unassuming dumbbells get heavier with every pulse.Mat With Hand Weights starts with a series of arm movements while holding the weights and progresses by adding a new movement each round. By the end, your arms will be begging for a rest.

After the standing arm series we take the hand weights down to the mat and incorporate them into pilates exercises. The added weight challenges shoulder and rib cage organization.

As you progress, you may want to move up to 3 or 4 pound weights but it is not necessary.If you are new to Pilates, no matter how much upper body strength you have, consider mastering Safe Moves Head Neck and shoulders before taking this level 2 class.

In Mat with Hand Weights we we consider performing the arm exercises safely and effectively to be substantially more important than increasing the amount of weight.

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Single Sizes - 1 lb to 12 lb

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