Mat With Foam Roller 20 Min.

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class description

An abbreviated version of our 50 min. foam roller class, for when you are in a hurry but still want a great workout. 

While it’s commonly known for its deep self massage role in runners’ communities the foam roller originated from the Feldenkrais method. This mode of movement aims to reduce pain and mobility issues in bodies and increase people’s overall body awareness.
It might be an annoying prop to store in your home but the foam roller is well worth it.

In Mat With Foam Roller we will use the roller for:

  • That oh-so-good self massage
  • but mostly to challenge our balance.

Because it is only 6 inches away from the mat we can attempt some wild balancing acts such as laying on the roller and keeping our arms and legs in the air. For a second. Maybe two.

More about the Foam Roller

Rollers can also be used for bolstering. This can assist you in finding proper alignment which will make the pilates mat exercises more effective producing better results.

The firmness of rollers is personal preference but for this class you will need a full length one (36”) to fully enjoy the rewarding chest stretches included in every foam roller class. 

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