Hips & Hamstrings

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class description

In this class we approach the tug of war between hamstrings and hip flexors with strategy and care.

We address all players and their needs and can usually de-escalate the tension in the game.

Tight hamstrings and hip flexors will often occur together. And tight hamstrings aren’t as straightforward as you may think.

One major reason hip flexors give us troubles is because of how much time we spend sitting.

  • The strong pull of tight hip flexors can lead to an anterior (forward) pelvic tilt and increased curve in your lumbar spine.
  • The back gets angry and uses pain to get your attention.

Meanwhile, this forward tilt of the pelvis causes the nervous system to take action. It sends a signal to the hamstrings instructing them to play tug of war to bring the pelvis back to a neutral position while the brains simultaneously sends along the directive, "Don't lose, no matter what!"

So the hamstrings comply and hold on.

Muscles that hold this excessive tension, especially for long periods of time will tighten. The sad part of the story is that we then get frustrated with the hamstrings because we don't see significant change no matter how much we stretch them. This class can help you change all that.

In Hips and Hamstrings your body will learn that unwinding this tug of war is what will lead to significant length and agility and that is worth working for.

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