December 9

Theodore Gets An Incredible Pilates Ring Workout With These 3 Classes

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Want to Challenge Yourself With Pilates Ring Workouts like Theodore?

Pilates Ring Workout

When Theodore found the Pilates ring workout on Fitstreams, his need for a challenge was fulfilled.

 Theodore had been practicing (and loving) Pilates, and was familiar with the basics. His Pilates experience had started because of joint pain. 

The gym workout he’d been doing for years wasn’t addressing flexibility. Moving used to be a struggle, but he’s been feeling the immediate benefits and seeing the results of Pilates: 

  • Improved flexibility
  • Alleviated joint pain 
  • Able to move his body the way he wants again 

How the Pilates Ring Workout Added the Intensity Theodore Craved

Pilates Ring Workout

Pilates had been extremely helpful in getting him to move pain-free. However, the lack of challenge had slowly been taking away from Theodore’s experience. He missed the burn that came from challenging gym workouts.

Pilates Ring Workout

While he now prefers doing Pilates at home over heading to the gym, the feeling the workout aspect had been missing ever since he stopped his gym workouts. He wanted that challenge. He wanted to feel that burn so he knew his body was working hard. 

Adding Challenge Using Pilates Ring Workouts 

Pilates Ring Workout

Luckily Theodore had been pointed to the Pilates ring. Also called the Pilates circle, it's a piece of equipment that adds a new dimension to Pilates exercises. The Pilates circle can:

  • Be used to modify basic Pilates moves to make them more challenging 
  • Target specific muscles more accurately
  • Change the balance of the body to work the core as well 

This helped Theodore feel the work his muscles were putting in. His strength was improving as well as his flexibility. This was because of the added resistance in the pushing and pulling motions. It was the perfect tool for Theodore to push himself in Pilates.

Practicing the Pilates Ring Workout

Ever since starting Pilates ring workouts, Theodore has thoroughly enjoyed Pilates again. He’s feeling the challenge, and still reaping the benefits of doing Pilates. Little did he know the challenge keeps coming. The more he pushes on the ring, the more the ring pushes back. By using the Pilates ring he’s able to continue exercising in the way that benefits his body the most. 

Pilates Ring Workout

The best part is that he still gets to meet his personal need of feeling the burn from the workout. His flexibility and mobility keep getting better, and he feels the satisfaction of a challenging workout complete. It was such a simple addition to the workout, but has made all the difference. 

Want to Try Pilates Ring Exercises?

Pilates Ring Workout

If you’re like Theodore and want to challenge yourself during your Pilates workouts, try the Pilates Mat with Circle course from Taught by Shelly Pirroni, you are sure to increase your awareness of the body, and increase strength in the 3 lessons. You can try it for yourself with our 14-day free trial. 

The first class is about finding alignment in the body, the second is a challenging full-body workout that makes you work for every rep! The final lesson hones in on the arms and abs so that you really feel the burn.

Pilates Ring Workout
Pilates Ring Workout

Shelly is a certified instructor with over 15 years of experience.

She owns The Pilates Studio Agawam and focuses on the client as an individual, resulting in training programs that are tailored specifically to each person. 

She’s studied a variety of different techniques such as the MELT Method, Gyrokinesis, CHI Running, and more. 

Shelly incorporates the different techniques into her programs, and uses them to help clients find the pathways to restoring, renewing, and revitalizing their body, mind, and spirit.

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