November 17

If You Don’t Relieve Neck Tightness You’ll Hate Yourself Later

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You are not doomed to a life of neck tightness

Looking down at your phone is equivalent to putting 60 pounds of pressure on your neck. That fact alone should make you want to head over to the  Fitstreams class Head, Neck and Shoulders.  

neck tightness

20 minutes! That’s all it takes to start relieving the neck tightness you are currently experiencing - not to mention you will learn how to prevent it in the future! So why end up hating yourself later when you can take the class right now, for free. 

Head, Neck & Shoulders

neck tightness

Throughout the course of this 20 minute class, we will complete a stretch routine that focuses entirely on the more than 34 muscles and joints from the shoulders up.

All 34+ are required for many of the important and frequently overlooked daily tasks. If you think about it, these daily tasks include any movement of your head, whether it’s chewing/swallowing, speaking and facial expressions, or movement of the eyes and maintaining posture.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." -Benjamin Franklin

Faulty movement patterns in the head, neck and shoulders are much easier to prevent than they are to fix. Lack of attention to these areas can bring on more headaches - both literally and figuratively. For example, chronically tense shoulders will affect your posture, and troubled posture contributes to issues throughout your whole body. 

neck tightness

Since the beginning of the pandemic, screen time has skyrocketed, and so has neck tightness. (Hello, Zoom neck!) More screen time means more: 

  • sitting
  • poor ergonomics
  • eye strain
  • forward head
  • mental stress
  • clenched jaw
night tightness

screen time has skyrocketed

neck tightness

We’ve all been told that after a certain amount of time sitting, it’s important to get up, stretch and walk around. It certainly sounds like an easy and reasonable idea, but when the day gets busy, getting up and moving around every half hour, staying hydrated and sitting with proper posture is a big ask.

Before you know it, the neck tightness and headaches are back and you’re rubbing your shoulders for relief.

Head, Neck & Shoulders

During Head, Neck and Shoulders your instructor keeps the sequence of stretches and movements rather consistent. This allows you to incorporate them into your everyday routine. Outside of class, it’s important to take the time or find an action that you can connect your “relieving neck tightness” stretching routine to.

neck tightness

For instance, do your head, neck and shoulder stretches: after you brush your teeth, before you sit down at your desk, when you get home from work or any other time in your day that you can rely on to be consistent most days of the week. You can even do these stretches while you’re sitting in traffic! 

Stretching brings relief to these undeniably overstressed muscles along with some well-deserved TLC.

But that’s not all! When you add this Safe Moves sequence into your daily routine, you significantly increase awareness. First, your head, neck, and shoulders will feel cared for and they will come to expect that care for all they do. These parts will begin to position themselves in healthier ways while you’re on your device, in your car, feeling stressed and so much more

night tightness

Head, Neck & Shoulders

We use a bath-sized towel for some of the stretches. The majority of this class is sitting. You can choose the floor, chair or any other sturdy surface. You can do the whole, or part of, the routine each day.

night tightness

To access Head, Neck and Shoulders log in to your account and visit the Safe Moves program. You’ll find it under the Level 1 classes.


About the author

Laurie Johnson

Laurie’s clear and candid cueing makes classes easy to follow without looking at the screen. Her wit and good nature create an enjoyable class that challenges your limits and celebrates your successes.  

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