September 23

Effective Pilates Arc Exercises To Fix Your Back Problems

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Solving Tom’s Back Pain With Pilates Arc Exercises

Pilates Arc exercises were the answer Tom needed to his back problems.

His days spent hunched over a computer, and driving long commutes were catching up with him. 

Pilates Arc Exercises

While it started as discomfort, and small aches and pains, his back had gradually been getting worse. It wasn’t just pain he was dealing with; he was also losing flexibility and becoming unable to play with his kids for as long as he wanted to.

Pilates Arc Exercises Fitstreams Club

Tom used to be able to tolerate the aches as he went about his day, but things we're getting worse. The discomfort was turning into pain and it was becoming too much. His daily lifestyle and quality of life was jeopardy because of his back

Unfortunately, Tom’s problem isn’t a unique one. Back pain and a lack of flexibility are common issues in today’s way of life. So much of what we have to do daily requires us to use our bodies in ways that are all potential causes for back pain including: 

  • Sitting at computer desks
  • Long commutes
  • Lifting heavy objects
Pilates Arc Exercises Fitstreams Club

Back pain can be hard to avoid. This is true even if you’re being mindful of your body, and work on preventing problems before they arise. Pilates Arc workouts are a great way to both prevent the onset of back pain, or address existing back pain. As they say, “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” 

Whether you’re in need of prevention or cure, the first step is to find some Pilates Arc exercises somewhere. 

Pilates Arc Exercises

Finding Pilates Arc Exercises

Tom’s colleague told Tom about his own issues with back pain. He also told Tom about the Pilates Arc classes he’d found on Fitstreams. Tom was skeptical; this odd-shaped foam thing, sometimes referred to as “The Spine Corrector”, was supposed to help his back? 

He’d heard that Pilates was proven to be good for flexibility and recovery but “The Spine Corrector” was a big name to live up to, and he still wasn’t sure. 

Pilates Arc Exercises

Was it really all that effective or was it a bunch of marketing? Tom decided he should at least give it a try, but he wasn’t keen on learning in a class with others. He preferred to learn on his own. There was also the commute factor. He did enough commuting already, and didn’t want to add more driving. Online classes seemed to be the best option.

Pilates Arc Exercises Fitstreams Club

Tom looked up the Fitstreams course his colleague told him about. He found The Pilates Arc Series with Shelly and decided to take a look. The first classes were made for anyone to do, relieving his concerns of being left behind as a beginner. The classes were quick, easy to understand, and worked great! 

Pilates Arc Exercises Fitstreams Club

There was never any worry of doing the exercises in a way that would hurt him. Nor would the classes exacerbate the back pain thanks to the design of the Arc. Before he knew it Tom had turned the course into a habit.

The Results of the Pilates Arc Workout

While taking the classes, Tom felt his back getting better. His pain was relieved and his posture was improving. As time went on, Tom found that he was able to do what he loved again- playing with his kids for as long as he wanted. 

Pilates Arc Exercises Fitstreams Club
  • He was also getting stronger
  • He was more flexible than before he started. 
  • The skepticism he had at the beginning was completely gone. 

Tom was a believer. He didn’t have to take any fancy medicine or go through any expensive procedure to fix his back pain. All it took was a little time with the Pilates Arc and a course from Fitstreams.

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