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How To Relieve Hip Pain With 1 Dynamic Movement Method

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Kinstretch® is a method of movement is perfect for the person who wants to know how to relieve hip pain. Kinstretch® takes mobility to a whole new level. But, before you try it, it’s helpful to understand the possible origins of your hip pain. Sometimes the pain is dull and achy; sometimes quick and sharp. But, it’s never a fun sensation to experience. 

how to relieve hip pain

Perhaps you’ve felt it when you were:

  • Climbing that flight of stairs up from the basement 
  • During your morning walk or run 
  • Lying in bed trying to fall asleep 
how to relieve hip pain

Fret no longer- you are about to learn the best exercise for hip pain that you’ve probably never even heard of!

When Quick Fixes Don’t Work

You’ve likely tried a variety of things in an attempt to alleviate the pain. 

  • You’ve Googled “how to relieve hip pain”
  • You’ve tried ibuprofen
  • You’ve tried stretching, moving, and sitting still

One or two may have worked short term. However the pain always comes back, and sometimes worse than before. Kinstretch® a solution that will help you learn how to relieve hip pain. Understanding how to relieve hip pain begins with knowing why you are experiencing hip pain. 

3 Reasons You Could Be Experiencing Hip Pain

1. Lack of movement

how to relieve hip pain

The biggest reason you might be experiencing hip pain is that humans no longer move as much as they used to. We used to physically go to the grocery store, and walk aisle after aisle to pick out our food; now we sit at our desks and order groceries to be delivered straight to our front door. 

2. Imbalances in how you use the muscles

how to relieve hip pain

Those imbalances can cause hip pain. You might be quad and hip flexor dominant. This keeps the femur head in limited space. This creates more wear and tear than if the femur head were allowed its full mobility. This is especially true in sports that involve running or kicking. 

3. You have too much mobility

how to relieve hip pain

You might have hip pain because you have too much mobility that you can’t control. Your femur bone is moving through space, but the muscles don’t slow the movement down. This leaves it up to the ligaments to keep your hip in the hip socket. After a while those ligaments will start to complain. 

Kinstretch® To The Rescue - How It’s Going To Help Relieve Hip Pain

Good news- Kinstretch® is here to help. 

how to relieve hip pain
  • It’s different from static stretches
  • It gets results

Kinstretch® Defined 

Kinstretch® is a “movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control, flexibility, and USEABLE ranges of motion.” Some people even go as far as to call it a type of preventative healthcare!

Have you ever had the experience where you stretch, and you think you’ve loosened up a muscle? Then do you find that that very same muscle is tighter the next day? 

This is the Kinstretch® strategy:

It puts you in a stretch, and then asks for more, instead of just passively stretching. For example, here is Laura stretching her hip.

how to relieve hip pain

Instead of just holding the initial stretch (image above), she uses her hand to stabilize the knee. Then asks the knee for more rotation outward and holds that. (image below)

how to relieve hip pain

This “ask for movement” lets the nervous system know about a larger range of motion. Overtime the range of motion is increased and sustained rather than tightening up again. 

Here It Is Again in Motion

how to relieve hip pain

Where To Find Kinstretch®

Now that you understand more about where your hip pain is likely coming from, why not get started fixing it?

Fitstreams has two Kinstretch® classes. And there's never been a better time too put what you have learned to work attending your hip pain and finding he's in movement for the rest of your life! 

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