November 18

35 Minutes Of The Most Productive Spine Mobility Exercises

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Let’s talk about the spine. In addition to protecting your spinal cord, this impressive center of your body allows you to stand upright, bend & twist, and walk. Your spine is made up of

spine mobility exercises
  • 26 vertebrae
  • 100+ joints
  • 120+ muscles
  • 220 ligaments
  • Over 13 million neurons
  • With so many pieces and parts to take care of, it’s no wonder why so many people experience back stiffness.

    Maybe you

    • Sit at a desk all day
    • Spend a lot of time in the car or a plane
    • Or just don’t MOVE much
    spine mobility exercises

    If this sounds like you, you’ve likely had to deal with unpleasant back stiffness. There’s some good news though - spine mobility exercises can help alleviate stiffness, in addition to keeping your spine and your core muscles strong and healthy. There’s an awesome, 35-minute class right here on Fitstreams called Kinstretch® For Spinal Mobility & Core if you want to jump right in. 

    spine mobility exercises

    But let’s dive deeper into the why behind spine mobility exercises.

    Why Spine Mobility Exercises Are Necessary For A Strong Core

    It’s important to make sure you’re working to keep all of the parts that make up your spine healthy. Unfortunately, so many fitness programs include little to no spinal training, and many exercises that strengthen the core are done from a “neutral spine” position. 

    spine mobility exercises

    The spine is held stable when we need it to move! Don’t get us wrong - it’s important to train the core from a stable spine position. But, it’s impossible to move your spine without using your core muscles. So the more spinal mobility you have, the stronger your core will be. Now, maybe you’re wondering what spine mobility exercises look like. We’re so glad you asked. 

    Spine Mobility Exercises Explained

    There are 3 main segments of the spine:

    spine mobility exercises
    1. 1
      Cervical (The bones of the neck provide support for the weight of your head, protects your spinal cord, allows a wide range of head motions) 
    2. 2
      Thoracic (The bones of the spine connected to your ribs holds the rib cage to create a safe space for your heart, lungs and other important organs)
    3. 3
      Lumbar (The bones of the low spine give stability to your back and spinal column, is the point of attachment for many muscles and ligaments)

    In this Kinstretch® class, Laura will help you move these main segments through

    spine mobility exercises
    • Flexion, or bending forward - think rolling the body into a ball shape
    Extension, or bending backward - think bending like you’ll do a backflip
     spine mobility exercises
     spine mobility exercises

    Lateral flexion, or bending right & left - think bending your spine to do a cartwheel

    • Rotation, or twisting to the right and left - think twisting your spine for the golf swing
     spine mobility exercises

    These movements will allow you to train your deep core tissues while improving your spinal mobility. The movement will also distribute the force of the movement throughout the entire spine, preventing wear and tear on single segments. It’s a double win!

    Where To Find Spine Mobility Exercises (And Strengthen Your Core At The Same Time!)

    As we mentioned above, Laura Savard has an amazing class right here on Fitstreams called Kinstretch® for Spinal Mobility and Core. Maybe you’ve never heard of Kinstretch®, but now is a great time to give it a try. 

     spine mobility exercises

    This is a 35-minute class that starts with a lovely warm up of the spine.   Laura shows you how to move in and out of each exercise with in-depth instructions. 

    Be sure to take advantage of the free 14-day trial so you can give this class a try risk free!  The trial also gives you access to all premium content Fitstreams has to offer.  What are you waiting for?  Get started right now! 


    About the author

    Laurie Johnson

    Laurie’s clear and candid cueing makes classes easy to follow without looking at the screen. Her wit and good nature create an enjoyable class that challenges your limits and celebrates your successes.  

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