October 28

The Secret To Powerful Hip Mobility Exercises Is Finally Revealed

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Why Hip Mobility Exercises Instead Of Hip Stretches?

Hip mobility exercises teach the nervous system to allow increased hip mobility in activities of daily life. By using muscle contractions when the joint is at its end range of motion, your body learns to release restrictions impeding movement.

Hip Mobility Exercises

The hips are an important part of the body that need to be able to move. They are the center of movement for most activities like:

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Jumping 
  • Rotation
  • Sitting
  • Standing 

Sitting in static hip stretches only speaks to flexibility, and doesn’t lead to function.

Hip Mobility Exercises

That is a lot to unpack. Read on.

For clarification:

Hip Mobility Exercises

Hip mobility is referring to the range of motion of the hip joint. 

Hip Mobility Exercises

Hip stretches refers to stretching muscles around the femur (thigh bone) and the hip joint. 

Flexibility and mobility might sound the same, but are two different parts of joint movement.

  • Mobility is the joint’s range of motion.
  • Flexibility is the muscle’s ability to be lengthened.

Together they dictate how much a bone can move through space.

Hip Mobility Exercises Fitstreams Club

However, hip mobility exercises talk to your nervous system in a way that facilitates ease in those movements that we really need in order to live a happy, healthy, safe and mobile life:

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Jumping 
  • Rotation
  • Sitting
  • Standing 

When you focus simply on flexibility of the muscles, it is entirely possible that you’re not gaining any ability to control the mobility of the joints that are moved with the help of your muscles. 

Hip Mobility Exercises

In the simplest of terms, that means that those pesky hip stretches are not going to lead to improved function and ease. And when the hips aren’t up to speed, the whole body feels it.

When the experience of moving falls somewhere between uncomfortable and painful, it might mean your back and knees are stepping in for your hips. The solution to that uncomfortable conundrum is to focus on making your hip mobility a high priority in order to get all of the help that your body needs to move around comfortably.

Hip Mobility Exercises Prevent Injury Better Than Hip Stretches!

Hip Mobility Exercises

The nervous system is in charge of managing all of our movements required in our everyday lives.

Hip mobility exercises are designed to ask for movement in and around your hips.

That’s what makes them special and powerful. It’s the ask that allows the nervous system to learn from the movement.

It is in this manner that the brain gets new knowledge about mobility. That new information is what your brain and your body need to optimize the movements of everyday life. For example, when the hips are out of alignment, the back and knees step in to help. This happens whether you are flexible or not. In the short-term you will be fine. In the long-term, this back and knee compensation can lead to pain. 

Hip Mobility Exercises

Even small movements like bending over to tie shoes, or running can cause your low-back and knees to feel the stress.

You can prevent that stress by keeping your hip joints mobile. When you have control of that mobility, the body won’t have to compensate.

Keeping the hips healthy isn’t just a good preventative measure. Working the mobility in the hip joints produces benefits like:

  • Improved circulation
  • Improved posture
  • Reduced muscle tension
  • Reduced soreness

With the hips being such an influential part of the body, treating them right will do wonders across the whole body.

Want to Start Hip Mobility Exercises?

The Healthy Hips class is an easy, quick workout you can do anywhere. AND IT’S FREE.

Hip Mobility Exercises

The beginner-friendly class is a short 20-minute video that uses no equipment. In it, the hips and 15+ muscles are worked to help increase hip mobility and flexibility specifically.

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