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"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." – African Proverb

Who Do you influence?

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Fitness Professional Audience

That's awesome! Since your audience is made up of fitness professionals & fitness business owners.  Here are some important information, to help you decide to become part of our movement. 

We know that...

  • In person brick-and-mortar fitness instructors represent the most comprehensive body of transformative physical fitness expertise in the history of humanity. 
  • The hands-on collaborative process of solving problems and meeting fitness goals with clients creates a storehouse of expertise that exist in each of these experts & increases exponentially in value over time. 
  • Those expertise storehouses locked inside every boutique fitness expert, is being underutilized when only called upon to solve problems, in exchange for some money during a slot of time a given day. 
  • When packaged correctly, that expertise can be made attractive to a completely new customer profile, that is known to consume their fitness expertise virtually rather than in person. 
  • The virtual side of the industry, is projected to be worth $59 billion dollars by 2027
  • We can secure and share a percentage of those billions by executing strategically as a group.
  • We can reach the entire virtual market easily using the combined reach of the group. 
  • Reach like that, no individual can achieve.
  • Doing so together as an army of experts will produce significant secondary revenue streams.
  • The market is of sufficient size to allow us to match and eventually exceed our in person revenue. 

The mission For fitness instructors / owners

  • It is our mission to grow this platform to be the most representative collection of boutique fitness experts from around the world that have survived the disruption of this latest pandemic.  
  • To elevate the amazing fitness trainers from all modalities by creating a reach far beyond the communities they serve..
  • To provide the necessary guidance training and mentorship to our experts to ensure that the comprehensive collection of courses we deliver on a simple promise, to give the virtual fitness buyer all the information they need to accurately, safely and effectively take our classes and experience the transformational benefits each promises.
  • To do that by capturing and presenting them in a uniform and consistent manner as defined by a virtual customer profile.
  • To combine our individual social reach, into one unified and much larger reach into the virtual marketplace globally. 
  • To share the resulting revenue fairly and equitably with our contributing instructors.

Fitness Enthusiast Audience

That's awesome! Since your audience is made up of fitness enthusiasts, here is our mission and commitment to delivering the most diverse, Easy-to-follow and comprehensively informed fitness resources to the virtual fitness enthusiast worldwide. Commitment to Fitness Enthusiasts

  • It is our mission to grow this platform to include the most diverse collection of fitness expertise from around around the world.  
  • To deliver the expertise in a uniform and consistent manner, that gives our users every detail they need to accurately safely and effectively take the classes, and experience the results they're looking for. 
  • To listen to our users, and create the classes and courses they are looking for.
  • To deliver them at an affordable and reasonable price, so that we can be a part of our users wellness and fitness for life. 

We need you to join our Army!

Become a affiliate influencer

  • Let's talk and see if we share a common vision. 
  • We can discuss our affiliate program, and how as an influencer you can earn up to 70% commissions, when members of your audience make part of their wellness strategy.

"One piece of log creates a small fire, adequate to warm you up, add just a few more pieces to blast an immense bonfire, large enough to warm up your entire circle of friends; needless to say that individuality counts but teamwork dynamites." – Jin Kwon

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This is not any kind of the sales pitch. There are no hidden cost to becoming a part of the FitStreams team as an affiliated influencer, Or an instructor and content contributor.  This is just an invitation to join the chorus, and help us unleash the untapped potential of the boutique fitness expert!