August 12

Transform Muscle Tension Into Tone With These 4 Classes

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Life Causing Muscle Tension?

“You’re so tense!”  “I feel so stiff!”  “My neck makes me look like a football linebacker!” 

  • Do any of these phrases sound familiar? 
  • Do you catch yourself contemplating the tightness in your neck and shoulders instead of focusing on your work?
  • Does it take a second to stand up when you’ve been sitting?

All of these scenarios are the product of muscle tension in the body.  This is the tension that comes from static and sedentary postures.  We all want to take care of our bodies, but how do we manage with all of this muscle tension? 

muscle tension

When muscle tension leads to pain

In a sense Muscle Tension is tissue that is stuck.  This tissue (both muscles and fascia) has limited ability to shorten and lengthen, and thus begins to feel the strain from constant tension.  

This strain can lead to larger problems. 

Muscle tension in the long-term triggers other reactions in the body ranging from

  • chronic headaches
  • joint pain
  • stress responses
  • intestinal troubles. 

These sometimes severe problems can all originate from muscle tension. Thus finding solutions to chronic muscle tension can prevent and help manage many of the more severe consequences. 

Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘Sitting is the new Smoking?’

The effects of long term muscle tension due to a sedentary lifestyle is one of the variables that lead to the use of this common phrase.

Muscle Relaxation techniques

“Wait, don’t we want our muscles to be chiseled and hard?” 

The answer is, “Not really.”

You want your muscles to be ready to engage whenever you choose to move. If the muscles are already “chiseled and hard” then their potential for movement goes unused. So how do we transform the muscle tension into the “ever ready for action” Muscle Tone, so that we can improve our overall health and well-being.

Turning Muscle Tension into Muscle Tone

It may sound like muscle tension is bad to have. “Tension is unused potential”. It’s just energy that can be used for any number of purposes in the body. 

You need energy and tension to move your bones through space. When tension becomes stagnant, the potential for movement is reduced.

However, if we can help our body use that potential for a more healthy purpose we experience a lot of benefits. 

muscle tone

Better posture, more energy, improved stamina, and better balance are just some of the results of healthy tension. So the question goes from, “How do I get rid of unhealthy tension?” into “How do I transform unhealthy muscle tension into muscle tone?”

One way to make that change would be the Transforming Tension Into Tone course here on The 4-class course teaches students how to turn tension back into good potential for the body through movement and breath. 

Tightness in neck and shoulders

The 1st class hones in on the breath, working on giving you an awareness of breathing easily and efficiently. This can increase endurance and stability in the body.

Class 2 is an intermediate Pilates-based lesson that focuses on rejuvenating the body with a minimal effort workout while maximizing results. By finding efficient movement patterns you will be conditioning your body to be ready for movement at any time. You will see the transformation in the extra power you have in the activities and sports you choose.

The 3rd class uses small balls as equipment to give the spine extension and length by using gravity to open the body. It can be both energizing and recuperative. Experiment with taking this class before or after activity. Which fits you best?

Class 4 is a simple stretch series to cap off the course, while being a perfectly good workout in itself. It is a great way to get your body ready for rest.

These four classes can be tools in your toolbelt of movement to keep the muscle tone in your body prepared and ready for anything.

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About the author

Laurie Johnson

Laurie’s clear and candid cueing makes classes easy to follow without looking at the screen. Her wit and good nature create an enjoyable class that challenges your limits and celebrates your successes.  

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