October 25

See How Easily You Can Start Relieving Back Pain

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Discover The Secret To Relieving Back Pain

relieving back pain

The spine. It is literally the backbone of our life.

Anatomically, our spine has the duty of supporting our whole body. Enclosed in it, the spinal cord has the function of linking our brain to most of our body parts. And a healthy spine is the key to both relieving back pain and preventing back pain from plaguing you in the future.

relieving back pain

Let’s talk about Tim, an avid gym-goer, who found himself experiencing frequent back pain and, even more painful, occasional back spasms. 

When Tim consulted his doctor, it was recommended that he strengthen his core muscles. Tim added a lot of sit-ups and crunch variations to his workout repertoire. Much to his dismay, these additions were not helpful at relieving back pain! 

relieving back pain

A trainer at the gym recommended Tim take a Pilates class. Tim decided to give it a try because everyone says Pilates is the best way to strengthen the core muscles. 

Safe Moves Stable Spine

During class, he kept waiting for the instructor to tell him to start the sit-ups and crunches. Instead, the class focused on moving at the shoulders and hips while keeping the spine stable. 

relieving back pain

He was surprised at how much he moved his back while performing ordinary tasks. He began applying the idea of moving at the shoulders and hips in his daily life and his back problems began to fade. 

relieving back pain

He became aware of the torquing and twisting he’d put his back through when he’d do everyday tasks like reaching into the backseat, shooting hoops, and giving firm handshakes and made a conscious effort to change his ways.

Safe Moves Stable Spine

Now maybe you don’t go to the gym for exercise. Maybe you hit the pavement for a run or walk. You might still be experiencing similar back pain.

relieving back pain

 Stop and think for a moment - have you ever gone on a delightfully long hike, and afterwards, it’s your lower back that hurts more than your leg muscles? You’re confused and think “but I didn’t lift anything, I didn’t do anything that should make my back feel like this. Guess what? All of these activities require you to do more with your back than you might think!

There’s a reason you see a little illustration of a person moving a box with a big “don’t do this” symbol on anything heavy.

relieving back pain

If the spine is compromised in any way, big or small, we feel it.

Relieving back pain is a huge priority, as is preventing any non-existent back pain, but we can’t just stop moving. Not only is that impractical, it leads to a whole other set of problems which we can talk about on a different day. 

What we CAN do, however, is take the best possible care of our spine.

 Where do you start? Taking the free Stable Spine class on Fitstreams is a great beginning.

Safe Moves Stable Spine

relieving back pain
In Safe Moves Stable Spine, you explore the interconnection, movement and function that exist between your spine and your shoulders and hips.

This class has surprising benefits. You will: 

  • Improve range of motion at the joints
  • Train the core muscles to give the spine the support it needs to keep us stable, healthy and pain-free.

We will safely (that part is super important!) challenge our spine and our deepest core muscles by moving our arms and legs in progressively more complicated ways while maintaining stability throughout our spine and pelvis.

Example Exercises:

relieving back pain

To access Safe Moves Stable Spine login to your Fitstreams.club account and visit the Safe Moves program. You’ll find it under the Level 1 classes. 

Getting started on relieving back pain is the first step to a more comfortable existence!


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Laurie’s clear and candid cueing makes classes easy to follow without looking at the screen. Her wit and good nature create an enjoyable class that challenges your limits and celebrates your successes.  

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