July 21

Pilates Was The Remedy I Never Knew I Needed

Hannah, a 33-year-old stay-at-home-mom, was always on the go. 

 Her three children kept her busy during the day but she also made sure to factor fitness into her hectic schedule. In between running the home, soccer practice three nights a week, and volunteering at her local church, Hannah had a great cardio schedule that she stuck to whenever she could. 

But she was starting to notice a change in her body. 

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“I was doing a ton of cardio on the gym machines, plus swimming lots during the week.” says Hannah, “But I noticed my back was getting tight and bending down was becoming increasingly difficult. And then the pandemic hit and I lost access to my cardio classes and gym. 

Even worse, the tightness in my back was still bothering me.” 

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Hannah’s friend told her about the Pilates classes she was taking online and how they were helping her to make it through lockdown both physically and mentally. Hannah jumped straight into the next scheduled live class and had an epiphany.

“All these years of sweating it out on the treadmill and elliptical and I never knew how much my body needed Pilates."

After the first couple of weeks, my flexibility and mobility were unbelievable. I also felt such a connection with the other members in our small group class. We had so much fun together.” 

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As the weeks went by and Hannah attended more classes, she couldn’t help but notice the improvements to her flexibility and mobility. 

“I’m so surprised at how great I feel, actually better than from my beloved pre-pandemic cardio."

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"All along, it was Pilates that I needed to include in my fitness routine, not the elliptical. And it’s so much easier to do from home where I just stretch out my mat instead of having to change clothes and drive to the gym.”

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When is he is not creating content for Fitness Business Pros, training business owners to be better marketers, or producing multi-camera on-demand fitness content for FitStreams.club, you can find him playing with his cats, working in his metal and woodworking shop or sharing a meal and a bottle of wine with friends.

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