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Paul Menard Yoga Instructor


We welcome Paul Menard to the family of contributors

About Paul Menard.

Director, Karuna Center for Yoga and Healing Arts
Yoga Instructor & Shiatsu Practitioner E-RYT 500, YACEP, AOBTA-CP

Paul Menard began studying yoga in 2002 and has maintained a passionate practice ever since. His background in classical dance gives him profound appreciation for the intricacy of the form that yoga affords. His elegance and grace shines through his postures and the execution of his teaching. Paul’s pursuit of a more spiritual practice led him to Karuna, where he feels blessed to have found such an open and welcoming community. In addition to yoga, Paul has a fervor for education. He completed his master’s degree in Adult Education and Training in early 2011 to complement his career as a workplace learning and development professional. He has completed the 300-hour advanced yoga teacher certification program at Karuna and is seeking other professional credentials as an educator. Paul is excited to connect his love of education and passion for yoga at Karuna.

Paul Menard Yoga Instructor comes to us from the Karuna Center for Yoga and Healing Arts in Northampton Massachusetts, United States. 

Fun Facts about Paul:

  • Paul tries to practice breath work every day.
  • He loves to cook.
  • He likes to read while inverted.


  • Fav Movie - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.
  • Fav Type of Music - Any belting diva.
  • Fav Book - The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
  • Fav Food -  Butter 
Paul Menard Yoga Instructor Fitstreams Club
Paul Menard Yoga Instructor Fitstreams Club

Best Fitness Story

  • I have personally wrapped my feet with duct tape in order to reach overhead and grab my
    formerly slippery foot in a back bend.
  •  A teacher of mine drew on me from head-to-toe with permanent marker so that I could understand movement of joints, bones, and muscles and be a model for the class.
  • I have used just about everything as a yoga prop, including: my sneaker, logs, and broom sticks. I have literally used the kitchen sink.

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Paul Menard Courses

Premium Course



This course looks at individual categories of poses and first explores the poses fundamentally. Then we’ll perfect transitions, and practice more subtle and rigorous applications of the poses.

12 Lessons - Easy Intermediate & Advanced

Premium Course



Learn this classic sequence of yoga poses and build them into your daily routine. Sun Salutations are especially beneficial to do when you first wake up or after a period of inactivity.

6 Lessons - Easy Intermediate & Advanced

Premium Course



Think of this 8 class course as practice and dress rehearsal for your first in person class. Get acquainted with yoga in your home, and on your own time.

8 Lessons - Easy

Premium Course



Are backbends holding you back in yoga class? This 3 part course addresses what may be getting in your way. You’ll learn a backbend series from warm up to Urdhva Dhanurasana full wheel.

3 Lessons - Easy Intermediate & Advanced

Paul Menard Yoga Instructor Fitstreams Club

Quote Box

I work with subtle directions to bring the mind more deeply into the form of the body so that we can make the body strong and protected. It is these subtle directions that bring us more deeply into knowing ourselves and more deeply into a meditative mindset.

____ ______

Where You Can Find Paul Menard Yoga Instructor


25 Main St 3rd Floor

Northampton, MA 01060
United States


(413) 535-9180

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