November 16

Natasha Nesic Animal Flow instructor


We welcome Natasha Nesic to the family of contributors

About Natasha Nesic.

With a strong background in dance, calisthenics, and martial arts, Natasha brings her passions to her work as a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. Based in NYC, she encourages people to be their own change through small challenges

Natasha Nesic Animal Flow Instructor comes to us from Work Life Fitness, LLC in New York, NY, United States. 

Fun Facts about Natasha:

  • I'm a black belt in WTF Olympic-style taekwondo.
  • I'm a Certified Tea Sommelier by the International Tea Masters Association.
  • I'm a huge anime/sci-fi/fantasy nerd.


  • Fav Movie - Moulin Rouge
  • Fav Type of Music - Pop-Punk Rock
  • Fav Book - Gideon the Ninth
  • Fav Food -  Any kind of prime rib option.  
Natasha Nesic Animal Flow instructor Fitstreams Club

Best Fitness Story

Testing for black belt in October of 2020. Everyone wore masks-- even outdoors-- and still we went through the hundred-plus kicks, the board breaks, and all the pushups. (All of them.) It wasn't the kind of experience you'd hear about in any martial arts books, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Natasha Nesic Courses

Premium Course



If the idea of picking yourself up off the ground, rolling out of bed, or just getting out of a chair makes you think “Oh no, this isn’t going to be pretty” — then this is the class for you.

3 Lessons - Easy Intermediate & Advanced

Natasha Nesic Animal Flow instructor Fitstreams Club

Quote Box

I'm a firm believer that "more is more" for movement and training, but when someone is just starting off in fitness, everything counts as more than nothing. Taking the stairs, for example, is more than nothing. Breathing deliberately and with intention, is more than nothing. All these bits of "more" add up to a greater whole for the mind and body.

Natasha Nesic

Where You Can Find Natasha Nesic Animal Flow Instructor


50 W 72nd St

New York, NY 10023 United States


(914) 471-1234

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