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Hack Exercise With This Animal Flow Workout

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What is an Animal Flow Workout?

Animal Flow Workout

Animal Flow is a relatively new fitness practice in which you imitate animal positions. Imagine getting on the floor and moving like a crab or an ape! Naturally there’s a heavy emphasis on movement. By smoothly transitioning between movements, Animal Flow workouts improve:

  • Mobility
  • Strength
  • Balance
Animal Flow Workout

Inspired by a combo of Parkour, breakdancing, circus acts, Animal Flow workouts open up your body. The movements can be done anywhere and are easy to fit into your day. 

Your body will be challenged through movement without a hardcore workout.

Animal Flow Workout

It can be painful to get off the ground, or out of bed because we spend so much time sitting. We end up hunched over because of long commutes and sitting at computers. We spend almost no time rolling around. Practicing good posture can help, but doesn’t do much when unexpected situations come up. 

Animal Flow Workout

Tripping and falling isn’t in anyone’s daily plan, but it happens. Why not adopt a fun and effective routine to develop the cat like reflexes Helpful in avoiding the trip in the fall? A workout like Animal Flow prepares you for those unexpected moments in life. And it makes sense when you think about it. I.e. Practice moving the way animals do and you'll be moving like an animal in no time!

Fitstreams has a great Animal Flow workout for beginners. This isn’t a practice locked behind already being fit! Keep reading. 

The Benefits of Animal Flow Workouts

Animal Flow Workout

Animal Flow can be done anywhere. It gained popularity during the pandemic and has only gotten bigger since. The excitement of watching someone flow is a huge contributor to the practice’s popularity. It makes you want to get up and move yourself!

Rolling around into cool, animal-like positions draws people to Animal Flow.

Most other fitness workouts are static; you stay in one place or position for the exercises until they’re done. Constant movement and transitions from pose to pose appeals to people who want more movement in their workouts. Not only is it fun to watch, but doing Animal Flow is just as enjoyable to do yourself! 

Animal Flow Workout

Animal Flow workouts also require no equipment. You only use your own bodyweight for the exercises. There’s no risk of owning expensive equipment for a workout that was dropped after a week. It’s easy to get started so give it a try! Plus you don’t have to take anything with you when exercising outside your home.

Finding an Animal Flow Workout

Fitstreams has a great Animal Flow course taught by Natasha Nesic. There are 3 lessons of varying difficulty and features a 14-day free trial. 

Animal Flow Workout

Lesson 1 is about starting holds and patterns. This introduces students to the Beast, Crab, and Ape postures, including some variations.
Lesson 2 adds in transitions and more complex postures.
Lesson 3 blends everything together into a single, comprehensive workout. 

Animal Flow Workout

Natasha is an instructor that brings her passion into her work as a national Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. She also has a strong background in dance, calisthenics, and martial arts, which gives her a broad perspective to apply to her expertise.

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