January 25

Don’t Try Squats Without Doing These 3 Glute Exercises First

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Dormant butt, Dead Butt or Gluteal Amnesia. All unfortunate terms used to describe the same thing: weak glutes. Whether we sit most of the day or only stick to one form of exercise most of us aren’t properly using our glute muscles and more people than you think are experiencing this condition.

Weak glutes can cause pain and injury in:

  • Low Back
  • Knees
  • Hips
  • Hamstrings
  • Quads
  • Groin

Even if you balance out your sitting all day with a post work workout heavy with squats you’re not quite getting it right.  If the glutes are under-active or weak they won’t be able to perform these popular tushy building exercises properly and will have the opposite effect. 

Your body will recruit the muscles ready and willing to do the work to keep you from falling over and allow the glutes to get away with little help. 

Learning to activate your glutes properly is important so that you can strengthen them.

Strong glutes will protect you from pain and injury. And allow you to rock the squats and move throughout your day with ease. 

Before you head back to the gym to squat or donkey kick let’s reeducate the glutes with these 3 exercises:

Let's Get Started:

Lie down on your belly with your legs out long behind you.  Maintain even weight in your hips the entire time.

Lift one leg up and open it out to the side. Then squeeze it back in. Try it about 8-10 times for each leg.

Glute Workout
Squat Exercises

Lift one leg up and without rocking in the hips, point your toes, and make ten perfect circles in each direction.


Lift both legs up, keep your belly button pulled in, flex your feet and tap your heels together five times. Then, point your toes and tape the heels together five times. 

Glute Exercise at Home

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