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20 Minute How To Do Squats Workout Helps Father Play With Son

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Jackson’s Lifestyle was making it hard to play with his son. Finding Time For The Gym Can Be Hard

Jackson’s long commutes and longer hours sitting at a desk were starting to make moving around painful. His overall lack of movement had contributed to:

  • Aches and pains
  • Easy loss of balance
  • Lackluster posture 
How to do Squats

Simple tasks like tying his shoes had become a challenge. He knew exercising would help, but there wasn’t much extra time in his day. 

Commuting to the gym or studio in order to spend an hour working out wasn’t feasible. When Jackson gets home, his kids are waiting. Between dinner and homework, the last few hours of the day just slip away. 

One night, Jackson glanced at his son who was squatting on the ground, knees in his armpits, playing with cars. 

How to do Squats

Jackson thought, “I can’t miss this time to go to the gym. I want to play with my son.” He tried getting on the floor to play. He bent his knees and placed his hands on the floor.

Before he knew it, he fell to the floor. If his hands hadn’t been ready he may have gotten hurt. To add insult to injury, his son popped up, ran into the kitchen, grabbed his glass of water, came running back and squatted down again. 

How to do Squats

An in-home workout was the best solution available; maybe one focusing on squats so he could go up and down easily. But Jackson doesn’t know how to do a squat. He knows what a squat is, but doing one correctly? Or like his son? Not so much.

Looking for Squat Workouts

How to do Squats

Jackson’s initial search for at home workouts only raised more questions. There were so many results, but he couldn’t tell which options were good and which were bad. He had so many worries:

  • Does this person know what they’re doing?
  • Is this a safe way of doing the exercise?
  • Will this exercise address my needs?
  • Is it beginner friendly?
  • Do I need equipment?
How to do Squats

These questions made Jackson hesitant to try anything. He knew he wanted to get up and down off the floor properly, but what class would help with that?

Learning How To Do Squats Properly Is Harder Than It Seems 

After Jackson decided he should learn squats first, the new results seemed to be pushing him away from the exercise. Squats were seemingly difficult despite being such a basic exercise. Improper form while doing a squat exercise could lead to

  • Injury
  • Extra tension & stress on the back
  • Damage to the knees

Already dealing with aches and pains, the thought of hurting even more did not appeal to Jackson. 

How to do Squats

He also found that opinions about squat exercises were divisive. He saw forum comments of people either loving or hating squats with no in-between. It was either a great exercise with tons of benefits or shunned to the ends of the Earth. Jackson kept researching and finally found information about the primal squat! With that information came a picture of a grown man squatting- you guessed it- just like his son! That’s what he wanted to do! 

The Reason Squat Workouts Are Worth It

With his mission to learn squats in mind, he shared his troubles with his coworkers.

How to do Squats

 One coworker who took online fitness classes recommended a class on Fitstreams called Mastering the Squat. He liked it because it worked on the mobility in the joints which was needed to achieve the primal squat. 

On top of that, he told Jackson that squats were worth the effort.

They improved: 

  • Ankle mobility
  • Hip mobility
  • Balance
  • Thoracic mobility for posture
  • And more!
How to do Squats

Additionally, the general movement of the squat exercise is great for getting the body used to moving up and down regularly; exactly what Jackson was looking for. If squats were going to help with balance, posture, and injury prevention then Jackson needed to check out the class. 

Aimed at beginners, it was taught by a fitness professional with credentials, and required almost no equipment. 

How to do Squats

The class wasn’t jumping straight into squat exercises. Rather it started with stretches and simple exercises so anyone could keep up. It gradually worked up to squats. Jackson wouldn’t have to worry about any extra commutes- it was a 20-minute online workout! 

Because the website had a 14-day free trial, Jackson decided to give it a try. 

14 days Of Squat Workouts And The Results Were Unanimous

How to do Squats

After the 14 free days were over, Jackson felt amazing. His body felt stronger. 

He wasn’t worried about falling over and hurting himself, or losing balance unexpectedly. Watching the class was intuitive; it showed everything he needed to know. It also had clear, easy to understand instructions for learning the exercises. While it took some time, Jackson was eventually able to do a squat himself. The results spoke for themselves- he was sold.

How to do Squats

Want To Learn How To Do Squats Like Jackson?

If you want to learn how to do squats, or simply want a quick, at home workout that includes them, the Mastering the Squat class is perfect for you. Hosted on Fitstreams, it's just one class in a library of over 15 courses all chock full of different exercises and workouts for anyone, of any fitness level. From absolute beginners to the fitness pro, Fitstreams has a workout for you. 

How to do Squats

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