February 16

2 Shocking Truths About Back Pain Relief

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Back Pain Relief Doesn’t Come From Stretching 

Back pain relief

Back pain relief is about spine mobility and spine stability, not about stretching.

Stretches for back pain are rarely the answer, and can sometimes lead to injury instead.

Back pain relief

Back pain is caused because muscles in the back use tension to create safety for the spine in response to what happens in the body.

If we do stretches for back pain without thinking about these tensional forces, we may remove the spine’s safety net. This can lead to more back pain.

The nervous system uses some muscles to move the body, and other muscles to stabilize the body. If the nervous system can’t access stabilizers, it asks the movers to step in resulting in muscle spasms. 

Spine stabilizer muscles can become unavailable for reasons like: 

back pain relief
back pain relief
Back pain relief Fitstreams Club
  • Sitting at your desk for 8 hours
  • Favoring one leg
  • Rotating the spine one direction more than the other
  • Bending forward too much
  • Squatting without hip and ankle mobility
  • Sleeping without moving
  • Faulty alignment

It matters because the spine:

  • Houses our spinal cord
  • Keeps us upright

The 24 vertebra have articulating joints, helping our spine move in all directions

  • Bending forward or backward
  • Rotating
  • Bending to both sides
back pain relief

Spine Movement Is The Center Of Our Function In Life

A little back pain impedes the function of our lives. Finding back pain relief is a priority. We’re told that stretching is part of the solution, but there are more effective ways.

The spine’s stability and mobility need to be addressed for true back pain relief. 

  • A stable spine stays still while the rest of the body is moving.
  • A mobile spine means the joints in the spine are articulating evenly so effort is equally distributed. This results in less wear and tear. 

Why Back Pain Relief Comes From Spine Mobility And Stability

Having mobility in the spine gives every vertebra as much movement as possible. The back moves easily in all directions while also equally distributing the workload. 

Spine Mobility And Stability:

  • Improve posture
  • Relieve pain
  • Increase power in movement
  • Give the nervous system an opportunity to make better choices
back pain relief

If you feel like your spine is stiff:

  • In the morning
  • From sitting at a desk
  • When you get off the couch
  • When picking something off the floor
  • Backing out of your driveway

Spine mobility exercises might be perfect for you.

Mobility in the spine is important because the nervous system is both smart and lazy.

back pain relief

The Nervous System Is Smart

It’s smart because it knows what parts of the spine to move with the least effort needed. When the hips aren’t doing their job, the nervous system uses the back and legs to help move the body. For short term injuries this keeps us moving without aggravating the injury.

The Nervous System Is Lazy

It doesn’t use the whole body even at the cost of injury. Bending forward without spine mobility, means the lower back may take over. This overloads the muscles, tissue, and nerves. The rest of the spine should be helping but isn’t. The nervous system repeats itself over and over instead of making other choices.

Spine mobility exercises teach the nervous system how to use the whole spine and all of its muscles. Once the nervous system knows how to use the whole spine correctly, it’s too smart and lazy to find other ways of moving the body.

You Need Spine Stability If Your Back Pain Happens 

  • While walking
  • When standing
  • When reaching overhead

Without spine stability the nervous system is using the spine too much when the body should be moving at the hips and shoulders. The nervous system's lazy side doesn’t find another choice and the cost is back pain. In this situation the spine doesn’t need stretches for back pain. It needs to learn how to keep the back stable while the hips and shoulders move.

Want To Get A Stable And Mobile Spine For Back Pain Relief?

Interested in getting a spine that’s both mobile and stable? The Stable Spine and Mobile Spine classes are only 20-minutes and require no equipment. The 14-day free trial lets you see the results for yourself! Find back pain relief for yourself now.

back pain relief

Stable Spine

back pain relief

Mobile Spine

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