About Playlists

The Safe Moves playlists module contains our original safe moves recordings with multiple versions of each class. Mix-and-match and move through your body and preferences as a guide.

Safe Moves with Laurie & Katrina

The 13 classes continue to train the different parts of your body to work together, to achieve pain-free movement with the least amount of effort. Level 1: Build Your Foundation  Head, Neck, Shoulders: ease and relief from neck and shoulder tension. Easeful Posture:  Create good posture without rigidity. Happy Knees: that get along with your hips and ankles. Healthy Hips:  Mobility and control that makes your hips happy and healthy. Stable Spine & Mobile Spine:    Making connections for good spine health, and getting you moving in all planes of motion for a freer, happier and healthier you. Level 2 Increase Your Capacity Mastering The Squat: Find dynamic ways to work the full squat Increasing Hip Extension:    Continue the journey to long and pliable hip flexors Strengthening the Lateral L ine: Connecting your ear to your ankle for stability Easeful Posture:  Adding instability to Easeful Posture exercises Happy Knees:  Adding strength to the lower extremity Mobile Spine:  Moving the spine, all planes, for an even freer you! Happy Feet:  Pliability in the feet makes a happier you

Level 1

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