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A famous quote of Joseph Pilates' is this: "In 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you'll see the difference, and in 30 sessions you'll have a whole new body".

This series of classes is designed to take you on that journey like Joe Pilates may have done 100 years ago.

This series is also designed to create a bridge between safe moves and our other online classes. From beginning to end, classes build upon one another incrementally so that at the end of 30 classes you’re capable of moving in ways that you couldn’t imagine when you started. 

More Information for the Pilates Curious

Beginner to Advanced in 30 classes will guide you through the 4 stages of competence as it relates to Pilates and movement.

Unconscious incompetence: You might be here now. Maybe you’ve heard of Pilates and the benefits but have no other information. While we don’t prefer the word “incompetence” it is what psychologists call it when talking about states involved in the process of progressing in a skill.

Conscious Incompetence: Or maybe you’re starting out in stage 2. You are familiar with mat work, you’ve been consistently attending classes and you have a basic idea of your strengths and weaknesses. But you’re thinking:

  • Will I ever be able to do the roll up?
  • Will I ever do the side series without teetering?
  • Will I ever be able to keep my head lifted without my neck hurting?

The first classes in Beginner to Advanced in 30 Classes will teach you the what and how of mat exercises. The basics: Lift this arm, reach that leg and keep this stabile.

Conscious Competence: The majority of these 40 classes will be spent learning the why. You’ll learn the Principles and how they relate to the exercises you’ve been doing.

Principle 1: Breathing.
Principle 2: Axial Elongation & Core Control.
Principle 3: Spine Articulation.
Principle 4: Organization of the Head, Neck, and Shoulders.
Principle 5: Alignment & Weight Bearing of the Extremities.
Principle 6: Movement Integration.

You’ll understand the complexities of each exercise and how compensating patterns in your body affect movements that seem completely unrelated.

The secret to keeping your head lifted with no neck discomfort will be revealed!

Unconscious Competence: By the end of Beginner to Advanced in 30 Classes you will have fully integrated the principles into your mat practice. You are:

  • Self correcting with little effort
  • More present in your movement
  • Instinctively moving, or holding yourself with proper balance, and alignment.
  • Moving easefully on the mat and throughout your day
    Ready to challenge yourself with more advanced variations and exercises

While this may sound like a linear path of progress, Beginner to Advanced in 30 classes is more of a winding exploration of movement. It takes time for your body to adapt to new things. There is no time frame built into Beginner to Advanced in 30 classes if you remain consistent in doing your classes you will progress successfully.

Each class in this series should feel challenging but manageable. If it’s too easy there’s no progression; if it’s too hard there’s no progression. A great measure of progress is being mindful of how you feel after a class. If you feel invigorated, take the next class. If you feel at all debilitated or drained, practice that particular class again before you move on. 

Beginning to Advanced in 30 Classes

Level 2: You Will Look Different

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Release Date March 14, 2022! Will you be ready to start 'Seeing the Difference?"

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Premium Course

Release Date March 14, 2022! Will you be ready to start 'Seeing the Difference?"

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About the instructor

Katrina Hawley

Veteran studio owner, senior Polestar Educator and adjunct staff at the in the Dance Division of the Hartt School at The University of Hartford. When not teaching clients, other teachers or dance students you will find Katrina playing with her cats Uncle Louis and Sadie Grace, hiking, cooking or listening to political podcasts while playing games on her phone

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