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Why Sun Salutation Yoga is The Best Way to Start the Day

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Waking up in pain? Sun Salutations can help

Waking up can be rough some mornings. Sun Salutation yoga is one of the best ways to alleviate stiff joints and random aches. 

sun salutation yoga

Is this you? 

  • You turn off the alarm, roll out of bed and feel aches and pains.
  • It happens more frequently than you’d like. 
  • You didn’t do anything the day before to cause the aches.
  • It’s just random aches and pains! 

Waking Up With a Stiff Body? Sun Salutations can help

Wake up with stiff neck

Sure, the mattress is a little old, and that might not be the best, but it's not as if you’re stiff everyday. Really, the inconsistency of it all is the worst part! People might call it getting old, or just being unlucky, but there's no real reason for this stiffness in your joints so long as you take care of yourself. Finding a morning routine of Sun Salutation Yoga may be all you need.

Unfortunately, it's not just getting old or unsupportive mattresses that cause joint pain. Sometimes a good sleep can cause it too. How many times did you wake up with a stiff neck even though you slept well? 

Inactivity of any kind makes joints cranky even if that inactivity is actually good for the body. Anything from:

  • Sitting at a desk
  • Long commutes
  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Netflix binges
  • A nice long nap

All of these (and more!) can cause stiffness in your body. Aches and pains happen sometimes. The solution is Sun Salutation yoga. Since you can’t prevent aches and pains, let's address them.

Solving Joint Pain With Sun Salutations Yoga

surya namaskar

The easiest fix is to get moving. Surya Namaskar, or Sun Salutations, are a series of yoga poses and movements. They have historically been used to ease joint pain. The poses open the body up while putting emphasis on the breath. As a result, Sun Salutation yoga serves as a wonderful pathway towards easing any aches and pains that are in the body. The transitions are facilitated by breathing to create a rhythm and flow through the series. This gets the body warmed up, and ready for a pain-free day. 

Want To Get Started With Sun Salutation Yoga?

sun salutation yoga Fitstreams Club

The Sun Salutations course from Fitstreams is a great way to learn the poses, and relieve aches and pains. Taught by Paul Menard, the course has 6 classes, and introduces you to the quintessential postures that open up the body. 

sun salutation yoga Fitstreams Club

On top of easing joint pain, the classes will help strengthen the arms and shoulders, open the legs and hips, and prepare the chest for backbends. The classes will make your body feel open, free, and moveable. It's the perfect way to counteract those pesky aches and pains in the morning, or the effects of working at a desk for hours upon hours. With the course hosted online, it's easy to access any time and any place, meaning that you can fit a class in whenever you want.

The first class teaches the basics of Sun Salutations. It emphasizes the movements and the breath. Each class after that focuses on a different part of the body so you can tailor the class to your needs. Class 2 focuses on the hamstrings and spine, while class 3 emphasizes the hips and torso. Class 4 is all about alignment and taking your time. Class 5 is about opening the hips even more, and Class 6 is about balance and transitions.

Save the money for that new mattress! Instead try the Sun Salutations. 

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sun salutation yoga Fitstreams Club

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