Mat With Squishy Ball

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It may look like a discarded childrens toy- being somewhat deflated.

But the squishy ball is a fun and malleable little prop that can be a perfect addition to any level class.

Inner thighs are a big fan when it comes to working with a squishy ball.

Gently squeezing the ball between your knees can help you stay properly aligned in exercises such as the bridge and anything when your legs are in a table top position. As you progress more deliberate and repeated squeezes on the ball will bring a lot of attention to your inner thighs.

The thoracic spine is especially happy when you lie on your back over it. The ball is squishy soft and absorbs your spine for a lovely, passive stretch.

Core muscles get giddy about the ball because it adds a challenging stabilizing component to many of the mat exercises. The natural wiggles and wobbles you’ll feel with your pelvis on the ball instead of the ground will give your obliques an exciting time and a big job to do. Floundering is common and laughter is guaranteed. : )

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