Mat With Magic Circle

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The story goes that Joseph Pilates created the pilates circle out of parts from a beer keg.

His intelligence around how the body moves, and how to condition it correctly, combined with his engineer-like mind explains the many interesting stories about the origins of pilates equipment.

This one is a flexible metal ring, covered in soft rubber that has padding in the places you squeeze it.
Why is it magic?

There’s no official reason known but our interpretation is it is magic because of how versatile it is for different bodies, doing different levels of mat work.

For the Body that wants to level up:

This powerful little ring increases body awareness, creates a deeper strength, improves alignment and posture when incorporated into mat class exercises. When you press the circle, it presses right back. This means that the circle meets you at your strength level and asks for just a little bit more.

For the body that is brand new at this:

You can position the circle in specific areas to assist your alignment for any of the mat exercises. Proper alignment = maximum benefit = greater results.

For the Body that has adapted inefficient patterns (aka “cheats”):

The circle exposes imbalances in the body which are very common by the way! Our body creatively figures out ways to keep moving and functioning around our individual imbalances. Our body means well, but over time the imbalances can cause stress to the joints.

Mat With Magic Circle Incorporates a circle into your pilates mat work providing the feedback you need to begin self-correcting immediately during each exercise.

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