Nonprofit Affiliate Programs Like This Can Support Your Mission, Vision and Values

nonprofit affiliate programs with

Let's put our heads together.

We recognize your organization’s mission to make a difference for your chosen cause and the people it supports. We share your values of commitment and service to others.

  • Two heads are better than one.
  • Our affiliate benefit programs create revenue for both of our missions.
  • Requiring almost no additional administrative effort.
  • Let's talk about the 2 programs we offer.

Shared Values - Complementary Missions - Similar Needs

You are a nonprofit; we are a for-profit corporation.

We both rely on money to accomplish our mission objectives.

  • Your organization likely depends on donations, corporate sponsorship, government and foundational grants and the like for revenue, and that takes effort.
  • Our organization depends on strategic partnerships and the sale of services for that revenue and that takes effort.

How Nonprofit Affiliate Programs Like This Work

Nonprofit Affiliate Programs

 Our Nonprofit Affiliate Programs Make It Easy To Raise Money.

  1. We give you a link unique to your organization.
  2. We provide the language you need to communicate the opportunity for the benefits of
  3. You communicate the offer to your audiences using  your link.
  4. As your audience subscribes, that revenue is tracked and linked to your organization.

Your organization keeps up to 40% of the revenue. 

It's another way your audience can support your organization

while improving their own quality of life.

2 Nonprofit Affiliate Commission Examples

With a list of 100,000 people

If only 10% subscribe at $17.95 per month

  • That is 10,000 subscribers at $17.95 per month
  • Commissions = $71,800 per month
  • At 20% conversion = $143,600 per month
  • At 30% conversion = $215,400 per month
With a list of 10,000 people

If only 10% subscribe at $17.95 per month

  • That is 1000 subscribers at $17.95 per month
  • Commissions = $7,180 per month
  • At 20% conversion = $14,360 per month
  • At 30% conversion = $21,540 per month

Depending on which program you are in, your organization can earn commissions for as long as your subscribers maintain an account!

 A Bit About Us

Our Mission

To help people bring back a joy and happiness that most people already know,

The feeling of being, living, and moving in the youthful body we were born with.

A journey that’s BY DESIGN, just like our programs without:

  1. Agonizing pain from intense workouts
  2. Injuries from a “too much, too soon" approach to getting fit
  3. Devastating emotional disappointments that come from trying and failing to achieve an unrealistic and unnecessary physical ideal
Nonprofit Affiliate Programs

Where We Come From

We’ve been in the business of facilitating our clients' well-being with in-person fitness services for over 20 years. Promoting and facilitating a safe, healthy approach for our clients is how we have reliably earned profits.

It’s a long-standing principally based habit that we carry over into our online service here at 

We still operate The Pilates Studio in Hadley at 104 Russell St. in Hadley, MA.

Our Healthy Alternative To A Prevailing Paradigm

Avoiding pain and seeking pleasure is a biologically wired human drive.
It can be used for or against the well-being of others. 

Like the Difference Between Night and Day

A Callous Mindset
  1. Profits at any cost
  2. A customer's pain, injury or disappointment is not our problem
Their Profits First Formula

This marketer manipulates consumers with a “Shiny Object”.

  1. The Bait: Seductive imagery of super fit, ultra sexy models
  2. The Big Promise: "You too can have this body" and “all the happiness that it will bring you”.
  3. The Hook: Just buy our product, service, or supplement! 
A Compassionate Mindset
  1. Profits through compassionate and expertly crafted service
  2. Create a path to fitness designed to maximize the customer's chances of success and minimize their chances of pain, injury and disappointment
Our Service First Formula

No manipulation, no "Shiny Object". 

  1. The Bait: Reminding the customer that whatever their shape and size,  the youthful body they remember can be brought back.
  2. The Big Promise: That they will experience how resuming safe, healthy,  even enjoyable movement with a purpose brings back youthful capacities, lost only due to the inactivity of the modern lifestyle.
  3. The Hook:  A risk-free 2-week trial to experience a new beginning for themselves. 

There Is No Risk - Only Gain

  • There is no cost to join one of our nonprofit affiliate programs
  • Every subscriber gets a 2-week free trial

We believe in win-win-win.

The 3 Wins

  1. The subscriber wins after experiencing  our service can help them feel the way they want. 
  2. Your organization wins by sharing the revenue.
  3. Our organization wins by retaining a share of the revenue.

We would love to share some wins with you!

Subscriber Stories

Here Is Our Awesome Team

Mark Firehammer

Co-founder/executive producer

Katrina Hawley

Fitnesss Director/co-founder

Laurie Johnson

business management/co-founder

Julie Albano

Writer & Editor

Let's Talk about It

“Life's most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?” 

–Martin Luther King, Jr.


Can nonprofits raise money using affiliate programs?

Yes indeed! For nonprofits, affiliate programs are a method of fundraising that earns your organization additional, unrestricted revenue when your supports make online purchases through your nonprofit’s partner’s link.

Here's a great article on the subject from Charity Navigator.

Can we see our list of subscribers?

Absolutely! You get a dashboard login that shows you reporting in real time.

  • Subscribers name
  • Date of subscription
  • Which product they subscribe to
  • Commission earned
  • Payout status
  • Payout history

How does my organization receive the commission?

Commissions are paid out monthly, and automatically to your PayPal account.

  • If you don’t have a PayPal account, it’s very easy to set one up and it is free.
  • There are no fees associated with receiving commissions through your PayPal account.
  • Once your affiliate account is connected to your PayPal account, your funds go there automatically where you have the option to set PayPal to automatically deposit your funds into your bank account. It couldn’t be easier!

Would you do a webinar or Facebook Live with us to communicate the value to our audience?

Absolutely, we would love that! it'll be fun to actually work with you toward our shared values in benefit to the world!

Can we do a Zoom meeting to talk about this?

Just use the form on this page. Pick a day and time that works for you and your team, and let’s talk about the possibilities!

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